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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hello there,nice to meet you:)

Hello there,I am Marcia and i am a mum of two boys,Ectoras(7 years old) and Paris(3 months old).The whole idea of blogging was to help working mums and people in general who have limited time to find things they need or didn't even know they existed easily with our help.My friend Paula is the other half of this idea ,who is a mother of four,Olivia(7 years old),Ioannis(5 1/2 years old),Victoria (3 years old) and Marcos(2 months old).We will review and comment on products we find,basically for kids and tell you where to find them.We are not sponsored by anyone and the reviews will be based on our own taste and opinion.We will try to have our monthly favorite and a good index to enable you to trace things easily.So keep fingers crossed and let's get started...


  1. Have a good start girls, xxx

  2. Looking forward to reading all about it! Good Luck!