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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Gift guide for children-part 1 Babies and toddlers

Birthday parties are not seasonal,they are all year events...actually they never stop!!!
And mum needs to think of all those presents she has to buy and her imagination is not working any more,kids have it all!

I will try to make a gift guide for children of all ages to make your life easier for at least a year!!!

These are gifts for babies and toddlers.

My no one shop is Early Learning Center
In ELC you can find everything and the good thing about it is that all toys are divided into categories based on the age and this is very convenient to find what you are looking for.

The all times favorites for these ages are:
Rattles,buggy toys,soft things,comforting cloths.Perfect for small presents up to €20.

Jumbo play mat,gym from birth €50 and The Activity Station €110.

Then the Click Clack Caterpillar €25,Washing machine €23,and the Sizzling kitchen €99.!!

Love love love books like the Buggy Book B Peppa Pig €13,Baby Touch Hello €13 and Old Macdonald Hand Puppet!!

You can find nice books and CDs in most bookshops.

Fisher Price products have smart games for babies and toddlers.

•Laugh and learn puppy's animal book
•Love to play puppy
•the Musical Table
•Little People Zoo Talkers Animals Sounds Zoo

So these are some toys I recommend for the first group of children ,the babies and toddlers.
This is a short list of the many things you can buy for your

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