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Monday, 14 May 2012

Diaper bags can be angelic

They can be used as baby bags, with many pockets (4 outer side and 5 interior ones )including a special tissue /wipes pocket( loved that part),with adjustable shoulder strap that attaches easily at most strollers.

They are handmade with beautiful embroidery with swarovski crystals which can be personalized!!

They are practical and chic at the same time.

You can use them at the gym,at the pool /sea and daddy can carry them as well!

They come in lovely colors (loved the grey and black one)and the new trend is to use them at christenings!

Diaper bags must be Angelic by Nikki!xxx

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  1. Surely, diaper bags can be angelic! The crystal makes it so attractive that you can’t tell it’s just a diaper bag. But if I use this bag, which has a lot of intricate design details, I don’t think my husband will carry it for me. Haha! He’d think it’s too girly. Anyway, I know I can still make him carry it. I also like the gray one posted here. You’ve got good choices! :)

    Leonia Shearer