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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Gift guide for children-part 3-older girls

When it comes to Girls things get hard!!Girls are little women that love to dress up,wear precious stones,makeup and become their favorite star ,princess or TV star!

So what is best than dressing up games with all the accessories!!

You can find costumes in many places,ELC has all year long outfits for role playing and a lovely box of dress up shoes and Jewellery.

All arts and crafts games are exciting.Check on games at ELC like:
•Paint your own tea set
•Paint your own tiara
•Knit your own chunky scarf
•Bead creation kit
And much more games at really good prices.

Clothes and shoes are always a smart present for little madams!Dresses,tutu skirts,hot pants ,jelly shoes etc.

And all time classics like:
•skate shoes
•hula hups
•Nintendo games (Barbie Horse adventures,Wii Just Dance 1&2)
•dance mat and microphone
•IPod !!!!(boys live that too)
•barbie DVDs ,Disney DVD like The Beauty and the Beast,Tangled

And so on and on and on....

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