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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Baby's food with imagination

So we are now eating almost every vegetable and fruit!

I love to use my imagination and make unusual recipes for my child.

So mix vegetables with fruit and make unique recipes.

Here is a list with some of the recipes my child loves....
⭕beans,peas and raisins
⭕sweet corn,pumpkin and peas
❌sweet potatoes,pumpkin,apples and blueberries
⭕broccoli,pears and peas
❌carrots,apples +prunes
⭕pumpkin,carrots and broccoli
And I leave the rest to your imagination.Mix and match!!!🍵

And some more...
👍peaches and bananas
✌carrots and apples and baby rice
✊bananas and dry apricots
🌟add baby rice to fruit+veg purée to add protein and fibre to help fill up hungry tummies.

This can be so fun!!Use your imagination and mix and match fruit +veg and ENJOY!!👏

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Food ,love and nothing else

Question:when is the right time to introduce solids in baby's diet?

Experts Answer:from 4 to 6 months

Mum's answer: when your instinct tells you so.When your baby starts staring at you when eating it is a sign.

You agree with your doctor that is time to introduce solids.The plan is:

Milk/baby rice/milk/milk/milk

And in a week's time you add fruit
Milk/baby rice/mill/fruit/milk

Perfect plan!!!

What you need:
1.choose on what your baby is having
Hipp,Organics,Nestlé (ask your pediatrician to give you samples to try as many brands as able.)My son was allergic to most of the brands so I bought Organic Bio Rice flour to mix with fruit.
Probios fruit purée and Ella's Kitchen pears and apples baby rice is an excellent option.You can squeeze the food straight on to a spoon!No need of a bowl!!(You can find them at Etherio Organix Store where you can find really nice stuff!I also tried Holle Baby Rice and the one with Kehri,smt like quinoa!)

2.You can buy containers and freeze fruit purée and mix different kind of fruit every time.

3.Plastic bowls,rubber spoons(the ones I found change color when the food is hot!),plastic bibs
Check IKEA's stuff.They have lovely colors.

4.High chairs are available in all baby stores depending on your budget.
Love the Tripp Trapp Stokke and IKEA has a nice black with red chair.

Ok that's the basics to start on solids post will be on baby's food

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Gift guide for children-part 3-older girls

When it comes to Girls things get hard!!Girls are little women that love to dress up,wear precious stones,makeup and become their favorite star ,princess or TV star!

So what is best than dressing up games with all the accessories!!

You can find costumes in many places,ELC has all year long outfits for role playing and a lovely box of dress up shoes and Jewellery.

All arts and crafts games are exciting.Check on games at ELC like:
•Paint your own tea set
•Paint your own tiara
•Knit your own chunky scarf
•Bead creation kit
And much more games at really good prices.

Clothes and shoes are always a smart present for little madams!Dresses,tutu skirts,hot pants ,jelly shoes etc.

And all time classics like:
•skate shoes
•hula hups
•Nintendo games (Barbie Horse adventures,Wii Just Dance 1&2)
•dance mat and microphone
•IPod !!!!(boys live that too)
•barbie DVDs ,Disney DVD like The Beauty and the Beast,Tangled

And so on and on and on....

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Gift guide for children-part 2 -Older boys...

This list can be really long and the reason is that boys never really grow up and most of them share the same games with their dads.....

Nowadays with the electronic consoles the list of games is endless.I will include some video games which you can find for all kinds of consoles(wii,pls3 Xbox,Nintendo etc).These games are great for presents and they don't take much space in the house:))

So,electronic games:
1.Super Mario Bros all versions
3.Michael Jackson
4.LittleBig Planet
5.Gran Tourismo
6.Tekken6(over 16)
7.Call of duty(online game over 16)
8.Metal of Honor(online game over 16)

Then lots and lots of DVDs .There are some good choices of boxes depending on the age,like:
•Ben 10 and Ben10 Aliance Force
•Mr Bean
•Harry Porter

I find the above at better prices in the Internet.Try

We love books and there are some excellent choices at the bookshop.

Now all the rest ,like:
2.Mini micro scooter
3.Didicar(editor's most loved item!!)
4.Football ball
5.Illuminating globe(ELC)
7.Football shoes and clothes!!!(also other sports as well like basket ball ,tennis etc)
8.Castles and Trains(ELC)

As I have told you I can keep on and on but we are talking about short lists

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Gift guide for children-part 1 Babies and toddlers

Birthday parties are not seasonal,they are all year events...actually they never stop!!!
And mum needs to think of all those presents she has to buy and her imagination is not working any more,kids have it all!

I will try to make a gift guide for children of all ages to make your life easier for at least a year!!!

These are gifts for babies and toddlers.

My no one shop is Early Learning Center
In ELC you can find everything and the good thing about it is that all toys are divided into categories based on the age and this is very convenient to find what you are looking for.

The all times favorites for these ages are:
Rattles,buggy toys,soft things,comforting cloths.Perfect for small presents up to €20.

Jumbo play mat,gym from birth €50 and The Activity Station €110.

Then the Click Clack Caterpillar €25,Washing machine €23,and the Sizzling kitchen €99.!!

Love love love books like the Buggy Book B Peppa Pig €13,Baby Touch Hello €13 and Old Macdonald Hand Puppet!!

You can find nice books and CDs in most bookshops.

Fisher Price products have smart games for babies and toddlers.

•Laugh and learn puppy's animal book
•Love to play puppy
•the Musical Table
•Little People Zoo Talkers Animals Sounds Zoo

So these are some toys I recommend for the first group of children ,the babies and toddlers.
This is a short list of the many things you can buy for your