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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Baby's food with imagination

So we are now eating almost every vegetable and fruit!

I love to use my imagination and make unusual recipes for my child.

So mix vegetables with fruit and make unique recipes.

Here is a list with some of the recipes my child loves....
⭕beans,peas and raisins
⭕sweet corn,pumpkin and peas
❌sweet potatoes,pumpkin,apples and blueberries
⭕broccoli,pears and peas
❌carrots,apples +prunes
⭕pumpkin,carrots and broccoli
And I leave the rest to your imagination.Mix and match!!!🍵

And some more...
👍peaches and bananas
✌carrots and apples and baby rice
✊bananas and dry apricots
🌟add baby rice to fruit+veg purée to add protein and fibre to help fill up hungry tummies.

This can be so fun!!Use your imagination and mix and match fruit +veg and ENJOY!!👏

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