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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Food ,love and nothing else

Question:when is the right time to introduce solids in baby's diet?

Experts Answer:from 4 to 6 months

Mum's answer: when your instinct tells you so.When your baby starts staring at you when eating it is a sign.

You agree with your doctor that is time to introduce solids.The plan is:

Milk/baby rice/milk/milk/milk

And in a week's time you add fruit
Milk/baby rice/mill/fruit/milk

Perfect plan!!!

What you need:
1.choose on what your baby is having
Hipp,Organics,Nestlé (ask your pediatrician to give you samples to try as many brands as able.)My son was allergic to most of the brands so I bought Organic Bio Rice flour to mix with fruit.
Probios fruit purée and Ella's Kitchen pears and apples baby rice is an excellent option.You can squeeze the food straight on to a spoon!No need of a bowl!!(You can find them at Etherio Organix Store where you can find really nice stuff!I also tried Holle Baby Rice and the one with Kehri,smt like quinoa!)

2.You can buy containers and freeze fruit purée and mix different kind of fruit every time.

3.Plastic bowls,rubber spoons(the ones I found change color when the food is hot!),plastic bibs
Check IKEA's stuff.They have lovely colors.

4.High chairs are available in all baby stores depending on your budget.
Love the Tripp Trapp Stokke and IKEA has a nice black with red chair.

Ok that's the basics to start on solids post will be on baby's food

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