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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Gift guide for children-part 2 -Older boys...

This list can be really long and the reason is that boys never really grow up and most of them share the same games with their dads.....

Nowadays with the electronic consoles the list of games is endless.I will include some video games which you can find for all kinds of consoles(wii,pls3 Xbox,Nintendo etc).These games are great for presents and they don't take much space in the house:))

So,electronic games:
1.Super Mario Bros all versions
3.Michael Jackson
4.LittleBig Planet
5.Gran Tourismo
6.Tekken6(over 16)
7.Call of duty(online game over 16)
8.Metal of Honor(online game over 16)

Then lots and lots of DVDs .There are some good choices of boxes depending on the age,like:
•Ben 10 and Ben10 Aliance Force
•Mr Bean
•Harry Porter

I find the above at better prices in the Internet.Try

We love books and there are some excellent choices at the bookshop.

Now all the rest ,like:
2.Mini micro scooter
3.Didicar(editor's most loved item!!)
4.Football ball
5.Illuminating globe(ELC)
7.Football shoes and clothes!!!(also other sports as well like basket ball ,tennis etc)
8.Castles and Trains(ELC)

As I have told you I can keep on and on but we are talking about short lists

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