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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Breastfeeding IS best

Undoubtedly breastfeeding IS the best money can't buy. As a firm believer and supporter of "breast is best" i had no doubt in my mind that breastfeeding baby no.4 would be a piece of cake, after all i am an "expert"! Guess what? Its been a nightmare, just doesn't seem to be going smoothly this time round. Between cracked nipples and bad mastitis, twice, i have come close to giving up but i am giving myself another chance. Sometimes i feel its ironic that all magazines, books and brochures portray such a perfect image of breastfeeding. Its not always a bed of roses, for anyone out there going through a bad time, it does get better, eventually! Some ideas that might help are: nipple shields (found mothercare ones to be the best), Medela nipple cream (amazing stuff), hot waterbottles and hot baths. Good luck xxx

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  1. And because breastfeeding IS best she is back to full breastfeeding!!!